• Care

    Assistants who are available 24 hours a day and competent support for all occasions.


  •         Premium Treatment

  •            Our consultants and senior doctors are working with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

              Your Accommodation is done in comfort stations, with a VIP Accommodation in single or double rooms.


To live life abundantly and whole-heartedly and to make your stay in Germany a great experience,
we would like to offer you the following exclusive services:

  • VIP flight service

  • Yacht Charter Service

  • Personal security

  • Business and 1st Class Service

    • Translator, who speaks your mother tongue and understands your needs almost spontaneously
    • Personal Manager (24 hours) who will make your stay a comfortable experience
    • Limousine service, so that you can travel in ease
    • VIP Charter Flight Service
    • Personal chef
    • Personal fitness trainer
    • Skilled attendants
    • Flight Service / Flight Booking
    • Luxury cars with or without driver

    And many other services – please let us know and we will endeavor to fulfill them.