German Hospitals

  • German hospitals offer high-quality medical care at surprisingly competitive prices.
    For example, hip replacement costs $50,000 in the US and only approximately $ 20,000 in Germany. Heart bypass costs $144,000 in the US and only approximately $ 28000 in Germany. The cost of a flight is normally under $1000.
    Therefore if you choose Germany for your medical treatment you will be able to save thousands of dollars!

    There is one more important advantage:
    you will undergo your treatment in a European country with a familiar European culture. In addition to that, in many clinics the staff and physicians speak excellent English!

    What kind of treatment does medical tourism in Germany offer? German specialists are very successful in curing various oncological, urological and gynaecological diseases. They are experienced in the areas of end prosthetics, gastroenterology, cardiology, artificial insemination, dental medicine, and general, trauma and plastic surgery. No matter, if you want to give birth to a healthy child or to get rid of cancer - medical tourism in Germany is the right decision for you.

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Treatment in Germany has following advantages:

  • An excellent quality of medical care The quality of medical care is often even better than in the patient’s country of origin.
    The high level of health care in Germany is closely connected with the tradition of receiving medical education in the university clinics.
  • State-of-art medical equipment - Many world leading producers of medical equipment are based in Germany.
  • Organizing trip is easy, no visa needed you should only book your flight!
  • High level of service and hygiene No risk involved!
  • Familiar European culture, many people speak fluent English you can easily communicate!
  • The last but not the least: The price! Medical treatment in Germany costs half as much as in the US.