German Medicare enables contact with competent partners in:

    • Egypt

    • Oman

    • Bahrain

    • Irak

    • Saudi-Arabia

    • UAE

    • Katar

    • Kuwait

      • Market Access

    When you want to access global markets with your products, you not only need to follow the rules and regulations,
    but also need to know how to demonstrate your products are compliant.

    Clear instructions to understand and implement the requirements are vital to business success,
    as well as keeping current on the constantly changing rules and regulations.

    Partnering with German Medicare will ensure that you always get the latest information,
    your products stay in compliance, and your worldwide sales and shipping channels keep flowing smoothly.

    German Medicare does Certifications, Testing, International Approvals, Inspections, Training, Compliance Consulting,
    and Local Technical Support.
    We have the ability to help customers to understand the complexities of compliance and regulatory issues across the supply chains.

    We can provide selected resources and support as you undertake procedures, or manage the entire cycle from the compilation of application forms through to obtaining marketing authorization.