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    German Medicare mediates as a qualified, professional partner between guests from Arabian countries, who need help in medical facilities in Germany, and the treatment institutions.

    German Medicare acts as a top company for medical and health services staff such as physicians, doctors and nurses. The choice of the clinics and physicians eligible to participate in our medical tourism program is based on very strict regulations. Our company cooperates with qualified doctors originating from Germany, the Arabic countries, Russia and the Ukraine, who work as experts and consultants for our company and check the competencies and medical qualities of the clinics as well as their suitability for medical tourism.
    Furthermore they check in person whether each patient is satisfied with the agency services we have provided.

    German Medicare unites all these services of the overwhelming field of health care and offers their customers this much needed platform, by providing them with all four services: Patient services, Tourism, Marketing and other Services. Because of its geographical location, German Medicare focuses its services on the Arabic and Russian countries.

    The staff members of German Medicare treat the patients respectively and respond individually to their needs.
    Thus they create the base for an optimal relation between doctors and patients and fill a gap for the benefit of the health service. Our team consists of specialized and qualified employees from different fields of profession, who distinguish themselves by means of their professional experience, internationality and an interdisciplinary cooperation.
    Our medical consulting, support and accompaniment is guaranteed by German specialists.

    This provides you with an excellent service.

  • Mona El-Bastawisy

    founded German Medicare in 2005. German Medicare has taken it upon itself to help patients living abroad with choosing the best medical care in German speaking countries, and to take care of the complete organization of the hospital stay as well as for the trip. The services are aimed at the premium segment of the medical tourists, who come mainly from the Arabian region as well as the former CIS countries. These patients are used to travelling together with their family, even on the occasion of a hospital stay.

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    combine the medical supply in Germany, with the demand of the best medical care for patients from the Arabic and Russian space and thus see ourselves as the full-service partner for German hospitals.

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