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    • The integration of the medical infrastructure in Germany has made it capable to provide the patients with the best therapeutic and medical services with appropriate treatment costs. These advantages have encouraged German Medicare to take advantage of this therapeutic market and introduce it to those who are looking for a cure, as they have lost some hope in their home countries, for their concern is not only medical tourism, but the search for a real opportunity to heal.

      For you as a patient, it is of utmost importance to improve your health and restore. This is exactly where you benefit from our professional advice and care. We will find you the specialist who has prepared the best treatment method for you and since we know that one in his family is best recovered, we will arrange everything for you and your companions.

      A worry-free package for your stay. Starting with the visa establishing a framework program individually created for you to exclusive VIP service

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German Medicare provides its guests with specialized medical centers for the treatment of all chronic and usual diseases in addition to the internationally distinguished rehabilitation centers in the field of health and recreation.
German Medicare specializes in the complete care of patients from the Arab world, who are looking for medical services of the highest quality in Europe. By working closely with the most famous clinics, professors, doctors, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers, German Medicare offers to connect these patients to the best high tech medicine and rehabilitation centers in Austria and Europe combined with an all-round - VIP-service.

  • Our Services

  • We also specialize in the complete care of patients from the Arab world, who are looking for medical services of the highest quality in Europe. Since German Medicare has excellent contacts in Germany and Europe to the best private clinics, professors, specialists, the company can offer to the patients the best medical treatment available combined with all-encompassing care and management.

    All of our efforts and services follow the principles of highest reliability, seamless transparency and absolute discretion at all times.

    • advisory services regarding health services in Germany and detailed information about the DKD and affiliated private clinics and rehabilitation centers
    • the support of representatives in patients’ home countries preceding travel
    • assistance in visa procurement through invitation for treatment in partner clinics in Germany
    • Sie werden während Ihres Aufenthaltes in Deutschland rundherum betreut und zu allen Terminen und Untersuchungen begleitet
    • provision of qualified interpreters and patient assistants
    • airport pick-up service and hotel reservation
    • acceptance of all doctors' letters (admission note) submitted to DKD specialists for opinion
    • spezielle Check-up-Programme
    • translation of all doctors' letters into English, Russian, French, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, and other languages

    • appointment planning with specialists
    • comprehensive care for patients and their companions during examinations and during their entire stay in Germany
    • support of guests and patients after they return to their home countries, provision of medicine as well as answering all questions regarding subsequent treatment
    • provision of two publications for patients “DKD-News” and “Medicare Germany” in English, Russian and Arabic, including direct distribution
    • targeted advertising in Russian and Arabic media (periodicals, radio and TV)
    • presence at trade conventions and organization of international medical conferences and press conferences
    • maintaining contact with diplomatic representatives of Germany located in other countries
    • An additional focus of the IPS includes maintaining good relations with the embassies and consulates located in Germany, Ministers of Health, governmental and commercial institutions as well as private clinics and doctors in private practices.

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